Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Helpful Tip For Bathroom Lighting

Here is a little tip about bathroom lighting and its location.

The best lighting for grooming comes from the side, not overhead. Lights above the mirror cause a shadow on the face, making it difficult to groom and put on make up evenly. Instead, put sconces on each side of the mirror to cast an even amount of light across the face. A rule of thumb is to put sconces 60"-66" from the floor and 30"-36" apart.

I have included some images to help give some ideas.

Interior design by Erin Paige Pitts.  Vessel sinks.  Wall bumped out to accommodate wall-mounted faucet.  Three sconces. Glass tile bounces more light.     Photo by Julian Wass for House Beautiful.
Image from housebeautiful.com

love the brass fixtures and hardware. sconces. and pop of color from artwork in mirror reflection. sophisticated bath + simple styling.
Pottery Barn
Here are some fabulous sconces I found in a wide variety of prices.

Add other lighting as needed, such as recess lighting in the tub/shower area and a ceiling light for ambient light. To gain total control over your lighting, install a dimmer.

Next time you are in a dressing room, pay attention to where the lighting is placed. If it is along the side of the mirror, I bet it will make you look better and therefore buy more clothes.

Don't forget....let your light shine.

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