Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Runway

Woohoo....what a past couple of weeks. I've been busy as a bee and that ain't no joke....haha.
I'm glad that I do not have to say that it's been all work and no play. I sure have been having fun as well.

I thought I would show a runway of projects that I've been busy with from school and projects with Jenn Britt Design.

Here we go:

Commercial Bathroom - School Project
This was a project drawn in AutoCad and rendered in Sketch-up. I had to add finishes to the board like tile flooring, urinals, dividers, etc.

Rendered chairs - School Project
I loved this project. We had to pick three pieces of fabric and render the same chair with the different patterns and textures. I got an A!

I am currently working on a rendered perspective of a child's room. It's due on Monday.
This week is my final week so I am on the home stretch for this semester. I have a rendered floor plan and elevation due on Thursday, a kitchen due on Tuesday along with construction documents of both floor plan and kitchen, a charging station for the school due on Friday, and a hand drawn drafting assignment due on Thursday. CRAZY!!

I've also found the time to work on some mood boards for clients for Jenn Britt Design.

Heather's Office: Elements were added to her existing desk, paint color, and chairs.

Bridget's Living Room Update: Window treatments, assortment of pillows, and fireplace decor.

Summer's Living Room Update: New paint color, window treatments, carpet, and pillows.

I love to do branding/graphic promos etc. so I've done a couple in my spare time.....haha.

 I have even found a little bit of time to have some fun!!
I have watched a lot of soccer, enjoyed a night with the Railhawks, enjoyed a night with the Carolina Hurricanes, ran (and walked) in my first 5K in Wilmington, spent some time at Ocean Isle Beach with family......and Jenn Britt Design was signed, sealed, and delivered!!



Friday, April 19, 2013

Time To Get This Party Started!

A party is a gathering, especially for pleasure and amusement. Almost a year ago I ventured out from teaching precious little 4 year olds to pursue a passion...something that brings me pleasure and amusement....interior design. I've spent this past year in school full-time learning the technical terms, codes, drawing floor plans, dimensions, color theory, etc. It's been a great 1st year but I am so excited to see the summer break arrive. Although I have another year of school left and will start back in the fall, it's time. The time is now. Time to get the party started.

I'm in the process of "officially" getting Jenn Britt Design registered and licensed. I am very thankful for a supportive husband who is behind me, beside me, and always there for me, cheering me on.

The services I offer:

Space Planning: arrange a layout that is functional and efficient (new home floor plans, or existing spaces).

Coordinate furnishings and accessories: beautify, improve, and update the appearance and functionality of an interior space both in residential and commercial settings.

Real estate staging - help your home sell faster with improvements and updates.

Organizing: cut through the clutter to help you live simpler and more organized.

Church spaces: layouts, themes, children's areas, etc.

e-design boards: a personal mood board with design and layout sent via email complete with a source list for where to purchase the items (according to clients budget).

Example of a personal mood board:

Dave's bachelor pad - new paint colors, window treatments, and accessories to go with his
existing furniture.

I thank you friends for all your kind words and encouragement this past year. I am thankful for all of you!!

 "if you walk in His ways, you will walk in His will." 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How "suite" it is:

Master Suite

The latest project that I've been working on for my residential design class is a master suite consisting of the master bedroom, master bath, and closet. It could not exceed 420 sq. feet and of course, I pushed it with 418 sq. feet.

The plans were drawn on AutoCad. One of my favorite things about designing is space planning. So, I enjoyed coming up with the layout of this space.

As you can see by the plan, you enter into the room and your focal point is the bed. There is an entrance on the left for the bathroom where you will find a garden tub, glass shower, water closet, and double vanity. As you make your way through the bathroom, you enter into the closet. There is a door in the closet that leads to a second entrance for the laundry room.

Some elements I chose to use in the master bedroom were:

Custom upholstered headboard with white linens and cheveron accent pillows in gold, glass chest as the night stands, x form stools at the end of the bed, a fretwood faced console table, chairs, and accent pieces.

For the bath:

His and her double vanity from Pottery Barn, garden tub encased with white molding, blue subway tile, etc.

Elements for the toilet closet:

And the master closet:

My favorite piece for the closet were the designer bags framed in white to make a focal point grouping behind the bench that you see when you walk into the closet.

I enjoyed this project the most because it gave me the freedom to choose my own style. We also had to turn in construction documents with all the dimensions, plumbing plan, and lighting plan.

My next school projects are a kitchen, entire house floor plan, and a store front window.