Monday, December 31, 2018

10 Tired Trends to Toss in 2019

Out with the old, in with the new. As 2019 approaches, we’re resolving that now is the time to ditch some of the most played out and empty interior design trends, some which have hung around in our homes for far too long. Here are some of the trends D├ęcor Aid’s interior designers are suggesting it’s time to drop, in favor of some fresher alternatives.

Gallery Walls
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re likely familiar with the gallery wall. A trend that has been exhausted more than almost any other in the past several years, although a good way to display vast amounts of art or photos that vary in color, size and style, we’ve seen it all and it’s time to come up with a new solution. While every publication and blog boasts it as a design marvel, that idea dried up a long time ago. We suggest a more symmetrical, grid-like placement in its place. Not only will this bring a cleaner, more elegant look, but you’ll be forced to be choosier with your art, which can be a good thing.

Faux Rustic or Vintage
Everyone has seen brand new pieces in a department store made out to have fake wear, with worn paint, scraped finishes, and rusted metal. Our designers are saying it’s time to part with the faux pieces that aim to give off the impression of a much older piece, because it’s easy to tell their low quality value. Instead, source actual vintage pieces from your local thrift shop. You’re bound to find something more interesting than one of those mass-produced items.

We’ve been hoping for years now that this pattern had run its course, but it still manages to pop up in the strangest of places: accent walls, wallpaper, rugs, wall art. Chevron isn’t especially pleasing to the eyes, with its loud, thick zig zag pattern, and isn’t any more appealing when placed on such large surfaces. It’s time to move on to a better pattern.

All-White Minimalism
Minimalism for the sake of minimalism comes off as being trite and played out. Many take issue because it appears to be trying too hard to be ‘trendy’ when minimalism should be more of an effortless lifestyle based on functionality with less attention paid to aesthetics. Not only that, but a stark, bare minimal level room is hardly comfortable or welcoming to spend time in. Next year, don’t limit your decor to such a small color palette, and instead branch out a bit more.

Tufted Headboards
Heavy tufted headboards can appear a bit outdated, especially when paired with other more traditional decor. Additionally, they end up looking clunky or bulky when used with furniture that is not matched in style. Apart from appearing over indulgent, they really just aren’t very chic anymore. Unless you’re going to give it a lighter, more modern twist, we suggest staying away from the traditional headboard.

Statement Walls
What was once considered bold and striking now seems tired and lackluster, even appearing in the blandest of spaces now. While a statement wall is not a bad idea, homeowners and designers alike have just grown bored with it because it no longer feels fresh. Instead, upgrade to a wallpaper (our designers prefer textured wallpapers) to bring a revitalized feeling to this trend. A textured pattern can speak volumes more than a solid color can, and will bring more dimension, vitality, and color to the space.

Rose Gold
A classic metal that had its moment and quickly fizzled out, we’re noticing many swapping out their rose gold fixtures for the more traditional gold or silver. We likely have the buzz to thank for this one—after all, rose gold was practically everywhere. It was particularly well loved by millennials and gen Xers, which made older homeowners shy away from it from appearing too youthful. It’s also a bit harder to pair other items with rose gold, as it is warmer in tone and has a pink tint to it as opposed to the more neutral shade a gold or silver brings. While still beautiful, rose gold does not have long staying power, so we suggest refraining from investing in any more rose gold purchases.

Mason Jars
We think we speak for many when we say enough with the mason jars! What was once a twee, unique way to repurpose and add a rustic twist to a container has now become eyeroll-inducing for many. The go-to for wannabe hipsters and lovers of faux rustic chic, the mason jar trend has been overplayed to the max. It’s time to let them return to their original purpose: jarred condiments and jellies.

Industrial Kitchens
A well done industrial kitchen is gorgeous—but hard to find. When they first became popular they were stunning to all and it seemed that everyone was remodeling their kitchen, but most have gotten a bit lazy with their execution, resulting in some sloppy looking industrial kitchens. Exposed appliances, pipes, and hardware don’t always look the nicest, so kitchens that keep them exposed run the risk of looking messy or dirty. The trend has also become trite and uninspired, with a been-there-done-that feel.

Ultra Violet
Pantone’s 2018 color of the year has run its course and it is now time for a new color to take its place. Ultra Violet was a beautiful shade of purple, but quite hard to use in a design, without much staying power. After all, how many bright purple accents do you regularly see in a well done interior design? Living Coral, 2019’s shade, is much warmer and easy on the eyes. Because of this, it’s also more subtle and easy to incorporate into a space.