Friday, May 22, 2015

Bridal Shower

My sister did it again. My sweet niece is getting married in one week and at the beginning of May my sister gave her the sweetest bridal shower. I am sharing pictures of the day.

Robyn Kathryn

Me, my mom, Robyn Kathryn, Lauren, Allie, and my sister Suzanne.

a pack of mints wrapped in burlap with "Mint To Be" tags

my sister did the chalk board sign

my mom did the flowers

The menu:chicken salad croissants (a must at any bridal shower)
peanut butter, strawberry preserve, banana, and granola whole wheat wraps
broccoli salad
fruit salad
sweet potato and brie tarts
lemon tarts
pimento cheese muffins
coconut balls
cake pops