Friday, September 13, 2013

Fabulous Friday Favorites - Neutral Paint Edition

Paint, paint, can be one of the hardest decisions in decorating your space, BUT can make the biggest and most amazing difference.

Paint sets the tone, mood and atmosphere in your space. There are cool colors that have a calming effect (blue/green/violet), warm colors can make a space feel smaller (red/orange), colors that make you want to eat (red), and colors that make babies want to cry (yellow). So, it's very important that you choose the right color for the right space.

Today in my Fabulous Friday Favs, I list some of my favorite "go to" neutrals.

These neutral tints can provide a feeling of openness. They bring style, sophistication, and glamour.
Plus, you can accent with any color and it will work.

1. Perfect Greige - Sherwin-Williams - SW 6073. Perfect naturally neutral gray that is a perfect complement to white.

2. Hazy Skies - Benjamin Moore - OC 48.  A beautiful but subtle gray.

3. Manchester Tan - Benjamin Moore - HC 81. This is a neutral on the khaki side that is classic and elegant.

4. Grant Beige - Benjamin Moore - HC 83. This is a timeless color that can be used in a traditional space as well as a contemporary space.

5. Agreeable Gray - Sherwin-Williams - SW 7029. For interiors or exteriors. It's in the cool neutral family and gives a soft look that looks great with wood floors.

6. Revere Pewter - Benjamin Moore - HC 172. A light gray with warm undertones that creates a unifying look and is calming. It's great for open floor plans.

Next week we will talk about some bright colors to light up your life.

Have a fabulous Friday!!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Fabulous Favorites - It's Fall Ya'll

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the leaves changing colors, I love sweaters and boots, I love candy corn, I love any hot drink with caramel in it, and I love me some football.

That brings me to this weeks Friday Fabulous Favs - It's Fall Ya'll Edition.

Decorating pumpkins can be fun for the kids and even more fun for the crafty adults.

Above you see a canning jar ring pumpkin made from the screw on lids of mason

The carved gold tribal pumpkins are a great twist to your traditional jack-o-lantern

And, you can always paint your pumpkins with a trendy chevron or dot pattern.

The branch lamp is by Nate Berkus from Target and sells for $60.

The must have Aztec Alpaca Wool Throw is from $120.00

Get yourself a chunky sweater and some ankle boots and you will be ready for fall.

Now, bring on the chilly weather and sit back and listen to Carrie Underwood sing "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night".

Happy "almost" Fall Ya'll.