Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Runway

Woohoo....what a past couple of weeks. I've been busy as a bee and that ain't no joke....haha.
I'm glad that I do not have to say that it's been all work and no play. I sure have been having fun as well.

I thought I would show a runway of projects that I've been busy with from school and projects with Jenn Britt Design.

Here we go:

Commercial Bathroom - School Project
This was a project drawn in AutoCad and rendered in Sketch-up. I had to add finishes to the board like tile flooring, urinals, dividers, etc.

Rendered chairs - School Project
I loved this project. We had to pick three pieces of fabric and render the same chair with the different patterns and textures. I got an A!

I am currently working on a rendered perspective of a child's room. It's due on Monday.
This week is my final week so I am on the home stretch for this semester. I have a rendered floor plan and elevation due on Thursday, a kitchen due on Tuesday along with construction documents of both floor plan and kitchen, a charging station for the school due on Friday, and a hand drawn drafting assignment due on Thursday. CRAZY!!

I've also found the time to work on some mood boards for clients for Jenn Britt Design.

Heather's Office: Elements were added to her existing desk, paint color, and chairs.

Bridget's Living Room Update: Window treatments, assortment of pillows, and fireplace decor.

Summer's Living Room Update: New paint color, window treatments, carpet, and pillows.

I love to do branding/graphic promos etc. so I've done a couple in my spare time.....haha.

 I have even found a little bit of time to have some fun!!
I have watched a lot of soccer, enjoyed a night with the Railhawks, enjoyed a night with the Carolina Hurricanes, ran (and walked) in my first 5K in Wilmington, spent some time at Ocean Isle Beach with family......and Jenn Britt Design was signed, sealed, and delivered!!



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