Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Like Mine Well Done!

I like my steak well done. And that's exactly what I am today....well done! Actually, a well done steak would be nice right about now...haha.

I walked out of my last class for this semester yesterday and I am so relieved. This semester was a tough one ....with 5 classes.
-Principles of Interiors (commercial spaces)
-Residential Design
-Graphic Presentation
-History of Furnishings
-Digital Architecture (Photshop, Google Sketch-up, and Illustrator)

Yes, I learned a ton. Yes, about design, but also about my life. I learned that I have one awesome husband. He has cooked, cleaned, picked up the kids, listen to me yap about my instructors, and never complained. In fact, he encouraged me the whole time. I sure couldn't have done it without him. I have some pretty awesome kids as well who have cheered me on too. I am one blessed girl. My friends have been pretty awesome as well.

Today, I am busy doing dishes, laundry, cleaning toilets, picking up kids and I'm loving it. I want to be a "well done" wife and mom everyday.

And of course, I want to hear "well done" from Father God one day. I want to serve God by serving others while I am here on earth. I love helping people and I pray for opportunities to do so everyday.

Phil and I are looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Although the future is unknown to us, we are standing at the crossroad and asking God where the good path is. We are ready to walk in it. (and we hope we can eat some good steak along the way). Jeremiah 6:16


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