Monday, May 12, 2014

Light It Up Baby - Pallet Wood Lantern

In my lighting class, my final project was to make a luminaire. My brother-n-law is very good at making things out of pallet wood so I thought why not make a pallet wood lantern. It would go great on the screened in porch of a beach or lake house or even on your front porch. It makes a great decorative porch light that can be used with or instead of your traditional overhead porch light. 

I sketched out and shared my idea with my brother-n-law, purchased the socket and lighting materials from Home Depot, and we went to work.

This is how it looked in the shop.

I added velum as a shade to cut down on the glare and added a piece of rope to the top. 


This image was taken at night and as you can see, it gives off plenty of light. 

We will be making more.......smaller ones, round ones, and ones that hang. If you are interested in having one of your own, contact me. 

You can find other great pallet creations here at designrulz 

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