Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dining Room Lighting Tips

When lighting your dining room remember this....layer, layer, layer.

Layered lighting gives you the best balance of illumination. A dining room is not properly lit if the only light is coming from a chandelier over the table. If a chandelier is bright enough to illuminate the whole room, it will be too bright when eating. It is best however, to always start with a chandelier and then add accent lighting.
The right lighting makes your food look better as well as you and your guest. Who doesn't want to look more attractive, right? And with the right lighting, you can.

Here are some tips:

1. USE A DIMMER - Add a dimmer switch to your chandelier or pendant light.
3. ADD WALL SCONCES - They not only add decoration but they also add drama to the space.
4. ADD LAMPS - This adds more light and ambience to the space, while adding decoration.

Here are some examples of layered lighting:

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Dining Room transitional dining room with layered lighting
Shirley Meisels 

I love the classic black/white/gray color scheme for the dining room. Holiday colors really pop against it. I just worry it might be too boring for the in-between times. Thoughts, pin-sters?
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Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd

Remember to always let your light shine...just make sure you use my tips to ensure it is shinning at its best!

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