Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days

I'm a girl from the coast. I love the beach but I also love cold weather and snow. This week has been the BEST. We got snow!!

Everything in our small town shut down so we loaded up the family and off to the hills we went for some sledding. Poppy Joe found the perfect spot.

 My talented friend Abbie Franklin from CARTERelite Photography captured some images of our fun. 


I have been so thankful for this week. Fun times with great friends are priceless and we have truly made some great memories.

            Jake and his buddy Aiden                                                             Phil and Jake

                             Abbie and Allie wiped out, therefore adding some warpaint to the face.

          Phil and Jake getting a push from Al                                                   Allie and Ava

         Alaina and I.......we are now butt buddies because we bruised our tailbones while sledding! OUCH.

                             Displaying photo.PNG

          My husband, the barista prima.                                Our gear in front of the heater drying for round 2.

Displaying photo.JPG              Displaying photo.JPG

It was a wonderful sight this morning when I looked out of my bedroom window and saw this impression of a snow angel. It was created by my little angel.

The song is ringing through my head "I am blessed. I am blessed. Everyday that I live I am blessed. When I wake up in the morning 'til I lay my head to rest, I am blessed. I am blessed.

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