Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Currently Craving

BLACK, WHITE, GOLD, AND HEARTS. That is what I am craving this week.......along with Red Velvet M & M's.

1. Valentine's Day Decorating With Shutterfly. Check out www.thetomkatstudio for these great prints - Love Canvas Graphic and the Heart Pillow Graphic.

2. Gold Glitter phone case from Etsy.

3. Cedar Scented Drawer Sheets from for $28

4. Kate Spade New York Escape the Ordinary Soft Willow Scented Candle from for $40

5. And you can do this yourself. The DIY Glitter Heart Tote Bag.

But, I do not recommend you try these:
If you do, be prepared to eat the whole bag!!

  Much Love-

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