Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Potty Time

The latest project that I turned in was a bathroom. This bathroom had to be shared with two bedrooms and used for visitors. The goal was to create privacy for the homeowner while still allowing the visitor a space to pee.....hehehe. We had to provide one floor plan, elevations and/or sections rendered, and materials & finishes on our finish board as well as construction documents with dimensions and notes.

As you can see from the floor plan below, I created a bathroom that was functional for both the homeowner and visitor/guest by dividing the guest area and the homeowner area to increase privacy. The tub/shower and dressing area has little exposure to the guest.

I chose Rustic from a list of styles that we were given, which creates a natural, organic, and warm feeling.

In this floor plan, there is a pocket door to give extra privacy in the water closet, a tub/shower combo, washstands and etegere from Restoration Hardware, paint colors were Needlepoint Navy and Pennywise, slate natural tile on the floor in herringbone pattern , and bronze fixtures. I also added a towel rack made from pallet wood, rustic stars and a moose head with antlers to go along with the Rustic style.


I learned a great deal with this project about wall thicknesses for bathrooms, plumbing walls, etc.

Now on to the master suite and a coffee shop.

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