Friday, August 22, 2014

Finding Bigfoot Party

This summer my son has been all into Finding Bigfoot. He watches Finding Bigfoot on the Animal Planet all the time. We decided that for his 9th Birthday we would throw him a Finding Bigfoot sleepover party. I have some images with some ideas that you too can use to throw your own Finding Bigfoot party.

For the table centerpiece, I went outside and picked some live bushes and put them in a tin can. I added rocks (also from outside) and printed a picture of Bigfoot to frame and personalized it with Happy Birthday Jake.

I bought camo plates and green napkins and cups from Walmart. I printed off the Official Bigfoot Search Team badge from on-line. Official Bigfoot Search Team

We purchased other items from the Discovery Store. Discovery Store

I used a small Christmas Tree and printed off the Bigfoot Xing sign from on-line. Bigfoot Xing Sign  You can also order the real metal sign from the Discovery Store.

I had to get in on the action too.

We told all the boys to wear camo or hunting clothes and provided them with glow sticks and flashlights and took them out hoping for a Bigfoot sighting. We read them a book about Bigfoot and what to look for, such as eye glows, tracks, scat, hair, and to listen out for knocks.

Here they are inspecting a possible Bigfoot track.

One of Jake's gifts from his friend Aiden was the movie Harry and the Henderson's. The boys watched that before going to bed.....and of course talked about all the findings and sightings that they saw.

I sent all the boys a picture to remember the night and to say Thank You for coming (and added a special guest in the background....hehe)

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  1. Awesome... Keep Squatchin... David, Tampa Florida (Skunk Ape country)